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Spell Magic 5.3

This software helps you spell check any text on any program
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Spell Magic is an application that allows you to spell check any text on any application you have installed on your computer. Sometimes we install programs that don't have the spell check feature and we have to check by ourselves if there is a mistake that could embarrass us. This software will help you in those situations. With Spell Magic, you can check only a word, a paragraph or an entire text file in a very easy way. The program works well on Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and many similar applications.

Spell Magic supports thirty spell check dictionaries in many languages. Besides, it supports technical, medical and legal vocabulary.

If you are writing a text and the program underlines a word that you think exists and its spelled correctly, then you can add that word into the custom dictionary by simply right-clicking on it.

Spell Magic 5.3 comes with many editing functions. The program will let you copy and paste any text into the program's editor so that you can read and correct any text. The application is very easy to use and will help you a lot to keep your spelling okay.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It lets you spell check any text
  • The program includes a text editor
  • It's easy to use


  • The price is pretty high
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